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Nov 21, 2021 | Harry Weisdorf | 834 views
Uncommitted Journey: Michael Quick
There are loads of elements that go into becoming a high school prospect.  Of course, there’s the talent needed to compete at the higher levels, but the passion for the sport is an underrated aspect that plays a large role.  When the going gets tough, the perseverance to bounce back is made easier when a player is passionate about accomplishing their goals.  This passion doesn’t magically appear overnight, but through loads of memories growing up with the people closest to us.  Michael Quick — a catcher and shortstop out of the Oshawa Legionaires organization — showcases this passion, and it’s helped him become one of the top prospects in the 2022 class.

Last summer, Michael Quick tore the cover off of the baseball; and that may be an understatement. In 22 games, Quick hit for an astonishing .489 average, tallying 1 home run, 32 RBIs, and 16 stolen bases.  Keep in mind that all of these numbers come from the positions more known for their defensive prowess, not typically a force to be reckoned at the dish.  When asked about what he is looking to improve for the upcoming season, Quick mentioned he was “looking to improve running quicker.”  This is after posting the top 60m sprint time at a recent showcase with a 6.90.

Of course focusing on the actual baseball talent is exciting, but part of the Uncommitted Journey is to see what initially drove the passion for the game we love.  Most of us got introduced to America’s Pasttime by a family member or friend, and Michael Quick is no exception.  “My earliest memories of baseball come from being on the bench at my older brothers games,” Quick said.  Sitting on the bench with his eyes wide open, Quick was “learning just by watching” as the starting point for where he is today.

While the Oshawa catcher said that he trains every single day to “exercise in way that relates directly to baseball”, Quick is still a high school kid with hobbies of his own.  “I love to fish and golf when I have free time,” he explained, further showing how much he enjoys being outside and active.  I could argue that those activities — especially golf if you can stay sane as your shot heads toward the water — actually could benefit your performance on the diamond.

Almost everyone has anxiety looking into their future, not knowing what lies ahead.  For Michael Quick, however, he has an added element than most.  Deciding where to play baseball on top of looking for a proper academic environment is a tough route to navigate.  Through the showcases Quick has been a part of, he has discussed witch coaches and players alike about potential destinations.  “Performing well at these events has been very beneficial and have helped me a lot in the recruiting process. I am still weighing out my options in terms of schools but I truly believe that the JUCO route is a good choice and will help me further my baseball career.” 

As Quick heads into the finale of his high school career, the next chapter is just around the corner.  “Recently I have feel like I have gained a lot of strength that has translated well into throwing from behind the plate along with power when hitting,” Quick explained as he currently feels in the best playing state of his life.  No matter where Michael Quick ends up going to school, he is sure to turn heads with his dynamic play on the diamond.  Quick’s unique toolset for his position should be highly sought after, and it will be a treat watching his baseball career develop.